Marketing Scheme on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication Software Anticipating 4G

Marketing Scheme on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication Software Anticipating 4G

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This diploma thesis paper is, after contemplating the current state of ITC / telco's shift towards commoditisation and challenges in facing the upcoming overall mobile / wireless development (beyond 3G, B3G, / 4G) aimed at prosperously resolving a marketing proposition on a quite ingenious Siemens mobile P2P communication solution, named Siemens Anyw@re PocketSERVent, by virtue of the marketers' generic means, the Product-marketing mix dedicated to fundamental questions of product, price, promotion, place (P4). Strategic marketing and ITC business as well as down-to-earth / operational themes will get propelled. The chief emphasis is put on surging virtualisation related to product / svce / property and, as usually less exposed, the shift towards intangible values, foremost customer relationship and momentum of the hi-tech. brand (perception). The intend is to supply a big yet detailed P2P, 3G / B3G and wireless picture to the marketer (even accountant) as well as applied marketing / pricing issues to the S/W developer or mobile techn. expert. After a brief overview (ch. 1), chapter 2 is about introducing the main points rel. peer-to-peer (P2P) it's rather social impacts, technological mindset and ongoing research, as well as contemporary benefits. The intention is to free both the subject and evaluation from hype or byzantine aspects; to present P2P's potential as well as existent contributions to corporations aware of bus. value from IT, parelleling the fashion well-known IT players dominate e.g. Web services. Chapter 3 prepares a general understanding of present-day and forthcoming ITC leitmotivs, more precisely, for why ITC, esp. 3G innovations, have been disappointing. Analysing soft product and service (svce / svc.) innovations is upon hard value; at the dawn of this decade's decentralisation / mobilisation and virtualisation following results and side effects of globalisation the tractate's author is going to constantly question whether proven and established marketing practice can answer the train of virtual i.e. through-and-through digital products, value chains, organisations or business and / or value creation communities. Nevertheless ch. 3's focal point is the wireless or mobile wireless, resp., upgrowth (convergence rel. mobile IP, P2P, B3G / 4G). At beginning of the new millennium telcos are forced to get out of the industrial age's proprietary hardware and services. Less because of customer's (primary) cost reductions (VoIP I.0 reasoning), but for globally relocated valve creation, workforces, and corp. gravitation centres. Since the hi-tech. paradox, the shift towards soft, intangible / intellectual values / property and accelerated commoditisation is inescapable, rules and pre conditions of S/W markets need to get examined / esteemed and applied for supporting a sound Siemens Anyw@re innovation strategy this essay is about (in ch. 4). With chapter 5, search is on potential, first users / customers. Their inner disposition whether a cluster (market segment) of individuals is open (willing) and able to handle changes / progress or sticking to a status quo (product, price) is the striking factor esp. for every ITC brand and bus. strategy, i.e., whether the size of that group of people is sufficient for a small scale, i.e., niche (pre chasm) market release. Chapter 6: after scanning beneficial Siemens Anyw@re adoption scenarios, i.e., innovation effectiveness, the question on efficiency arises: product and strategy for what efforts / costs correlated to what turnover / price in return, that is positioning's second share pricing and price differentiation. The subject is going to get executed from the very baseline. First of all, is price driving customer decisions (m-commerce driving pay on demand / per use etc.) ? Beyond sensible criticism upon traditional pricing, the overall ITC pricing conflict is represented by the argument on whether to charge a small / large amount acc. value, i.e., a full price in response to / responsible for the (Anyw@re) value transfer (skim pricing aiming at profit) or to temporary subsidise (penetration strategy) hi-tech. value in favour of large market share and market size network markets' 'hyper force' called network effect (potential pricing constraints / shortcomings etc.). Devoted to the prior requirements and desires of Anyw@re PocketSERVent's most potential adopters their pains ch. 7's attention is on accurate and as precise as possible road warrior value realisation. Oftentimes, these mobile execs' interests in favour of corp. access everywhere is clearly antagonising their company's / buying centre's rational concerns related to corp. security and bus. confidentiality. Reminding of VoIP's deficiencies, categories referring to ease of use and QoS like get scrutinised. As S/W is one of the first of immaterial / virtual products (intangibles), the product acquisition is becoming innermost part of product and brand experience. Ergo Anyw@re techniques of proper Anyw@re PocketSERVent customisation, distribution, licensing, payment and promotion / customer relation (integration) are going to get checked up. Table of Contents: A)exhibits B1)glossary econ. / abbreviations B2)glossary techn. / abbreviations C)bibliography / offline sources bibliography / online sources 0.Preface 1.Treatise's framework 2.P2P - Peer-to-Peer6 2.1Peer-to-peer philosophy, semantics, setting6 2.1.1Person-to-person (P2P), machine-to-machine (M2M) / app-to-app / agent-to-agent (A2A) 2.1.2Peer-to-peer technique of rated altruism / channeled anarchy 2.1.3Www http-driven and centralised internet version2 2.1.4Peer-to-peer evolution boon to enterprises 2.1.5Next generation internet Semantic web embedded 2.2Peer-to-peer design concepts10 2.2.1Peer-to-peer genuine net of out-and-out equals 2.2.2Peer-to-peer mediating and server-tolerating formations 2.2.3The future of DHT-based P2P networks 2.3Peer-to-peer meeting contemp. bus. Prerequisites13 2.3.1Web services and agents 2.3.2Groove P2P by Microsoft / Intel 2.3.3JXTA P2P by Sun 3.Wireless and mobile convergence track15 3.1ITC business: inevitable shift towards buyer market15 3.2Dawn of communication over handy wireless19 3.2.1Anyw@re P2P communication anticipating 4G 3.2.2Wireless and prevailing mobile communications 3.3Wireless-3G short term outlook22 3.3.1B3G / 4G and P2P / decentralisation? 3.3.2Telecommunication cannibalisation mobilisation and virtualisation 4.Software's commercial dispositions effecting the ITC market26 4.1Software ITC's uprearing constituent26 4.1.1Heading telcos forward 4.1.2Hi-tech. paradox (econ.) scarcity fading 4.1.3Ambiguities, frictions of / and a sound vision 4.1.4Landing positive feedback the masses' standard 4.1.5Velocity (TTM) competitive strength biasing ITC brand perception 4.2Soft product differentiation and (customer) lock-in28 4.2.1Deterioration upon ITC patents and copyrights 4.2.2Open source, commodities a / vs. ITC value-add 4.2.3Platform aspects and working in mobility 4.2.4Upgrades / updates / versioning as vehicles for achieving lock-in 4.3Hi-tech. diversification / augmentation38 4.3.1Subjacent or superjacent product / svce differentiation 4.4Siemens HiPath Anyw@re PocketSERVent V 1.0: aiming at user-embraced lock-in40 4.4.1Anyw@re modular and reconfigurable (P2P) servent concept 4.4.2Siemens Anyw@re open standards on par with lock-in 5.Apprehending ITC innovation dynamics Siemens Anyw@re adoption42 5.1Market models and adopting niches / segments42 5.1.1Product life time and chasm stage 5.1.2Risks of entering the mass market crossing its moat / chasm 5.1.3Pattern of mass market deviation pre chasm spur 5.2On contriving a prudent Anyw@re adoption strategy46 5.2.1Proper evaluation of conceivable adopter groups 5.2.2Seeking prospects which might appreciate (P2P) decentralised and high-value communication 5.3Siemens Anyw@re launch and positioning49 5.3.1P2P communication summary on major players and time to market (TTM) 5.3.2Siemens Anyw@re strategic (mobile) wireless positioning 5.3.3Anyw@re targeting broad early mobile (bus.) niches chasm remodelling 5.3.4Siemens IC (Information and Communication) trusted and timely Siemens Anyw@re brand 5.3.5Siemens communication S/W: Siemens HiPath, Siemens Anyw@re and OpenScape 5.3.6Siemens Anyw@re overture on a strategy and bus. objectives rel. value and profit 5.4Anyw@re PocketSERVent premium services / features matching prior needs of road warriors60 5.4.1Buddies's novel and dear interaction push-to-talk (PTT) 5.4.2Anyw@re PocketSERVent agent-supported situation and location-based services (LBS) 5.4.3Peer-to-peer's basis person to person / negotiation-to- negotiation / agent to agent 5.4.4Anyw@re facing mobilisation, collab. on virtual planes next generation (ng) organisation / virtual desk 5.5Conclusio Anyw@re - road warrior rationale64 6.Analysis on profitable pricing66 6.1Variations in prospects's heed rel. cost and price66 6.1.1Price and value perception 6.1.2Price sensitivity / willingness to pay 6.1.3Price and innovation interacting 6.1.4Total cost of ownership (TCO) costs 6.1.5Return on investment (ROI) 6.2Price differentiation and customisation paradigm72 6.2.1Essence of price and product differentiation 6.2.2One-to-one: ideal of differentiating price (ad hoc) 6.2.3Price differentiation hybrids or alternatives demand, micropayment or pay per use (PPU) pricing part pricing and rebates reduced price and nonlinear pricing for raised price and volume 6.3Price planning stereotypes profit or market share82 6.3.1Levering profit over time penetration pricing 6.3.2Price as nonlever neutral price 6.3.3(Early) Levering profit skim pricing 6.4Assessing the role of costs on pricing87 6.4.1Contribution margin and price 6.4.2Obstacles of cost plus 6.4.3C3 costs, competitors, customers 6.5Value price price accurately planned before set (for tactical purposes)91 6.5.1Pricing restated 6.5.2Value marketing corroborating full price 6.5.3Economic value attaining full price from value-sensitive prospects 6.5.4Value pricing for loyalty and Anyw@re fix prices 6.6Conclusion93 7.Generating Siemens Anyw@re value95 7.1Siemens Anyw@re PocketSERVent matching road warrior's pains96 7.1.1Topmost value minding mobile executive's time-sensitivity 7.1.2Strategic PocketSERVent user interface design incl. the user's corp. backend 7.1.3Ease of ubiquitous real time (RT) access / svce 7.1.4Anyw@re adopter's security and protection contradictions 7.1.5Siemens Anyw@re for premium reliability and quality of service (QoS) 7.2One to one total PocketSERVent customisation for Anyw@re customer integration111 7.2.1Striving for Anyw@re's supreme value perception 7.2.2Siemens Anyw@re SERVent as (almost) free and / or trial version 7.2.3Siemens Anyw@re feature loader ng communication going modular 7.2.4Siemens Anyw@re S/W shaping and spreading processes downside-up 7.2.5Anyw@re licensing and activation going modular 7.2.6Siemens Anyw@re offline delivery all on one compact disc 7.2.7Siemens Anyw@re online site (EBC) electr. bus. community and impacts 7.2.8Siemens Anyw@re's peer based, i.e., intermediated distribution 7.2.9Siemens Anyw@re's trust evocation personalisation and privacy concerns 7.2.10Siemens Anyw@re PocketSERVent V 1.0 individual billing and centr. Charging 7.3Siemens Anyw@re transparent whole product for value corresponding to price126 Appendix Wisdom by Mi Zeng / Zeng Mi... is not scarce [new macroecon. conditions]...with knowledge now serving as the primary instrument of econ. power, the limits of wealth creation seem limitless. ... the most precious commodity is attentionagt; 222333 (Godin, 2000) alt;aquot;We live in a world where consumers actively resist ... in association with Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and SonyEricsson 444000 e-mail of topmost relevance to bus. customers, anbsp;...

Title:Marketing Scheme on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication Software Anticipating 4G
Author: Steffen Dubiel - 2004-11-03

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